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Stand Up For Education rallies rock the state!

Butte rally report
Rally helper Kay Winter reports: The Stand Up for Education Rally in Butte was a smashing success! Over 200 concerned residents, educators, and legislators filled the County Courthouse Rotunda.

Speakers encouraged the legislature to remember the kids, put away the smoke and mirrors, stop the cuts before they became amputations, and to "get off the garbage truck."

“Butte shows support for local schools”

By the Montana Standard Staff, March 2, 2003

"Invest in the Dream'' was the rallying cry for about 200 people who gathered at Butte's courthouse Saturday to increase funding for K-12 schools and state universities.

An investment in education is an investment in our economy,'' said Rep. Brad Newman, D-Butte. Newman criticized Gov. Judy Martz's recent statement that she would categorically veto any tax increase bill.

She is willing to sacrifice education on the altar of a bumper sticker campaign "No Taxes,'' he said. "You can't cut your way out of a million-dollar black hole.

"We have to fund education. To do otherwise would be to sacrifice our kids for a short-term fix.''

Rep. Steve Gallus, D-Butte, pointed out that the problems with the state economy have been coming for a long time and especially can't be blamed on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

"The storm was well on its way before 9-11,'' he said. "Now it's coming home to roost.

"Education is an investment with a high rate of return, and an investment we have to be willing to make.''

There are 50,000 Montana children living in poverty, Sen. Debbie Shea.

"It truly takes a village to raise an educated child," she said.

Sen. Dan Harrington, D-Butte, admitted the Legislature was faced with some tough decisions and the first 45 days hadn't been going as well as hoped. "There is a lot of work to do in the last 45 days," he said.

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