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SUFE stands up for full-time kindergarten
May 2007: Research shows that full-time kindergarten is one of the best ways to boost student achievement, reduce dropout rates and help at-risk children. It's one of the best ways to invest in better education. Most important, children love it. And now, thanks to the 2007 Legislature, school districts will get some help in providing full-time kindergarten. The Stand Up For Education coalition launched an effort to educate Montanans about the benefits of optional full-day kindergarten. Read more.

2007 Legislature
The Montana legislature made significant new investments in K-12 school funding and higher education. 2007 Legislature and education funding.

Finance expert says education, not subsidies, boost economy.
Speaking out against public subsidies to private industry can be like trashing mom and apple pie. But the billions of dollars poured into economic development each year is largely misspent, suggests Art Rolnick, director of research for the Ninth Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis.

The money would be better spent educating needy pre-schoolers, he said. Getting kids ready for formal education as early as kindergarten is the real return on tax money. Read the entire article from the Billings Gazette.

Stand Up For Education Coalition grows: now 16 groups strong
Welcome to our two new SUFE coalition members! The Montana Retired Educators Association, co-directed by Don and Clarice Walters of Belgrade, is affiliated with AARP. The Montana Small Schools Association, directed by Claudette Morton, is based in Helena. We are delighted to welcome these two new groups to the SUFE family!

SUFE "cookbooks" are available!
Here's a recipe for success:

1. Take 1 copy of the national award-winning SUFE video showing impacts of inadequate state funding on Montana's public schools, colleges, and universities.

2. Add 1 presenter and 1 ready-made presenter's script.

3. Mix in 3-5 facts about local impacts of inadequate state funding.

4. Simmer gently 20 minutes before a local school board, parents' group, neighbors, or other community organization.

YIELD: Informed, mobilized local citizens who are empowered to help stand up for public education in Montana. (Yield will vary according to number of audience members.)

As part of SUFE's ongoing public information efforts, SUFE members across the state are giving 20-minute presentations to groups in their communities. With the help of the new SUFE "cookbook," these presentations are fun and easy to give!

The cookbook contains the SUFE video, a brief script, SUFE brochures, tips for successful presentations, and everything else you will need for a successful SUFE presentation.

The 20-minute presentations are helping spread the message of hope: we can turn the funding situation around and keep Montana's excellent public schools, colleges, and universities strong!

You don't have to be a professional public speaker to give a SUFE presentation. You just have to care about kids and education. For a copy of the SUFE cookbook, please contact Sanna Porte.

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