Full-time kindergarten Radio spot #1

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NARRATOR: Montana mother Christy Hughes believes in full-day kindergarten.

CHRISTY: My older son Marcus had half-day kindergarten. My younger son Trenton is now in full-day kindergarten. He is definitely further along in reading. He gets to do lots of fun things they didn't have time for in half-day kindergarten.

NARRATOR: Full-day kindergarten is a key part of better Montana schools. Research shows it's the best way to raise achievement and help children at risk.

CHRISTY: Trenton really loves it. He's very excited to go to school every morning. I think every child should have the option of full-day kindergarten.

NARRATOR: The legislature is considering bills to provide full-day kindergarten for schools and parents who choose it. It would be optional for schools, for parents, and for kids.

CHRISTY: If we can help our kids be more prepared for school, why wouldn't we? I don't know why anyone would take that choice away.

NARRATOR: Learn more about full-day kindergarten at standupmontana.org. And talk to your legislator. A message from Montana's Stand Up For Education coalition.

Radio spot #2

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NARRATOR: Verna Copeland teaches full-time kindergarten in Great Falls.

VERNA: In a full day of kindergarten, I can help kids one-on-one. That makes a big difference.

NARRATOR: It's an opportunity all Montana children deserve.

VERNA: In 14 years, I've never had a child who couldn't handle a full day. Kids love it!

NARRATOR: Voluntary full-time kindergarten is a smart way to invest in schools.

VERNA: My students are much more confident and happy when they start first grade.

NARRATOR: Learn more at standupmontana.org. A message from Stand Up For Education.


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