2007 Legislature - education funding

K-12 school funding
In all, the 2007 Legislature appropriated over $200 million in new money for Montana's public k-12 schools. That includes new funding for at-risk students, school facility payments, gifted and talented programs, full-time kindergarten, and Indian Education for All.

Here are the details (pdf file)

Higher education funding
The 2007 Legislature reversed a long downward trend by doubling the state’s commitment to fund ongoing Montana University System costs, such as salaries and utilities. This is great news for Montana's long-suffering University System.

The 2007 Legislature also passed a referendum putting the 6-mill statewide property tax levy. The 6-mill levy currently raises nearly $12 million annually for the university system. Voters must reauthorize this 6-mill levy every 10 years. Montanans will now vote on the levy in November.


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